Young girl sleeping in the living room

I accidentally received mail intended for my neighbors so I popped at their apartment to deliver it, and to have a cup of coffee along the way. Just so happens, their young daughter was sleeping in the living room at the time when I walked in. She was fast asleep, without even realizing I walked in there, and by the looks of it, she just got home from some sport activity. Neighbors were distracted with making me coffee and I sneaked a few quick pictures of their precious teen daughter.

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She was sleeping on the couch in such a way that her entire delightful round ass was exposed in her shorts. Her butt cheeks were perked up and nicely visible, with an adorable ass crack fully in the view. I just had to snap some photos and I got one from very close of her sweet tush. I’m seriously feeling my boner beggining to itch as I’m watching her sleep and I will have to do something about it in the future. I couldn’t linger on near her for too long or her parents would figure it out and think of me as some pervert (that I am).

Now that I’m crazy about her, what should I do?

There I was, sitting and talking with her parents and my mind was already contemplating a plan about fucking their daughter. That hot young bubble butt just can’t be left alone that easily. They were rambling about their problems and who knows what and I was already thinking how I’ll bump into their daughter and call her out for a drink or something. I just have to figure out how to make her not say a word to her parents or it would be big trouble.

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