Peeping on my niece’s little ass in shorts

I know some would say it is wrong but I can’t help myself and I always enjoy a nice lengthy peep on my cute niece. We’re not directly related so I don’t care. I want to eat her up whenever I see her but since I can’t and we’re always surrounded by family members, I satisfy my urges with a bit of peeping and spying on her when she isn’t looking.

Cute niece jumping on bed in tight shorts

Oh my, like she wants me to see her ass

Same thing happened today and since it is a warm day, she was parading around the house in her booty shorts, which make her little ass look like a prized apple that I want to bite hard. First time I caught her was when she jumped on the bed and wiggled her feet in the air. I wanted to mount and fuck her, right there on the spot, but as you can see, we weren’t alone in the room.

Sexy teen feet with ankle bracelet

Her feet look lovely with that ankle bracelet

I also noticed she wears those silly ankle bracelets so I decided to buy her one as a gift from here. She already likes me a lot and thinks of me as a cool guy so why not take that up a notch and make her really love me. Who knows, maybe someday I’ll get to spend some private time with her and who knows what will happen then. For now, voyeurism is the only thing that I can do.

Small butt of hot niece peeped on while she sleeps

If you’re following on what I’m doing, you already know I have a thing for small young butts. I don’t even need to repeat that anymore, but I will, and I’ll once again proudly say that there is nothing better than tight young asses. If you ever had one on your dick, you know what I’m talking about. If you didn’t, rush to try one, as soon as possible. My niece’s perfect little ass looked even better when she stopped jumping around on the bed and when she fell asleep in that curled up pose that shows her ass on the side.

Peeping on hot niece while she sleeps

Like a sleeping angel, with a very cute young ass

Close look on sleeping girl's ass

I had to zoom in on her ass

Ultra close view of sleeping girl's ass

Yes, I had to zoom in even more

I really had to zoom in to show you how nice her ass looks like when she sleeps in that pose. I hope I’ll manage to repeat this entire peeping when she gets in her pajamas or if I’m lucky, if she sleeps in her panties. Since it is a hot day, it could be panties, and it just might happen I get to see her in a thong finally. Until that happens, enjoy these voyeur photos of my hot niece as they are, with her delicious ass in tight shorts.

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