I just got a naked selfie from hot ginger girl

I like to peep and I like to share, meaning that, whatever I get, you guys will get too. Take for example this delightfully stupid teen girl that wants to hookup and she sent me two very dazzling selfies, straight out of her bathroom during her private bath time. I liked it a whole lot and I’ll probably bang her after a while but this is just too good not to be showed off right here.

Here are the naked selfies she sent me

I’m sure you’ll enjoy her pretty face and freckles, as well as her fine naked ass and that slutty tattoo above it. I’m going to fuck her in doggy style, just so I can have a good look at the tattoo.

Want to see the selfie of her lovely ass and slutty tattoo as well?

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Our texting summary was pretty much like this:

  • Her: Hey, Tina gave me your number, I had a great time last night
  • Me: Hello there. Yeah, me too. You’re a great dancer 😉

Then she wrote some big ass messages about my dance moves (which are awesome) and how she feels connected and blah blah, but I switched it to sexting in an instant…

  • Me: You know, I liked the way we were grinding and I was thinking about it all night
  • Her: Me too 🙂 I’d like to do it again when we’re out
  • Me: Maybe we should do it without clothes and inside for a change
  • Her: That could work too 🙂

From there on, I’ve led her up to give me a sneak preview of what I’ll be getting this weekend and she didn’t need much talking into. Those two selfies were sent right away and she is even self confident enough to show herself without makeup or anything. Can’t say I blame her, she is a natural beauty, and she’ll look good on my dick, wouldn’t you agree?

So yeah, you’re welcome to envy me. What can I say? I’m awesome at this.


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