Stumbling on a group of hot teen girls

Just so happens that I walked inside this public train and there they were, a group of hot teenage schoolgirls, all sitting together, giggling and talking between themselves. I hope I don’t even need to explain that I positioned myself so I can keep an eye on them and enjoy their beauty. They were all wearing shorts and their long sexy legs were out there, curled and stretch forward, like they are deliberately teasing me, and all men in the train for that matter.

Hot teen girls in the public transport

I seriously can’t decide which of these young pussies I’d lick and fuck first

They are so young and petite and I would so much like to taste them all if I could. Just imagine how each individual pussy from this group is nice and young, or even tasty so to say. I’d lick them all up and then fuck them sensless. Yes, that was my train of thought while in there, with them right in front of me. Those silly girls probably still don’t even know what a cock tease they all are, specially when they wear such revealing outfits and put their young butts and legs on display.

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