Big boobs falling out of slutty shirt

I’ve peeped on this ultra busty girl in the supermarket and it pretty much shows that a good peep can be made just about anywhere. Yeah, she wore a bra, but it didn’t help her much because that insane size of her boobs is hard to contain in any piece of clothes. Best thing is, those boobs seemed to be fully natural, definitely not a fake boob job or they wouldn’t hang down so nicely. I wanted to approach her like I’m the doctor and ask if her big tits make her back hurt. They probably do but that is kinda her own fruit. I’m just here to admire, not to advise.

Big tits fall out of shirt in supermarket

Her tits are bigger than those pineapples next to her

Next time I passed by her, I was more prepared to snap some good photos of those miraculous big tits. She was pushing a shopping cart and I was even wondering why she didn’t lean her huge rack on the cart, and push them around like two oversized queens that deserve their own transport. I guess it would be blatant attention whoring so she didn’t do it like that.

Huge boobs of busty girl pushing the shopping cart

Why didn’t she lean those tits on the shopping cart?

Once my busty darling went out of the supermarket, I had another cool peep at her sideboob. That bra is probably something special, or it wouldn’t reveal such a big chunk of her naked breast on the side. I was also puzzled on how is it even possible for the rest of her body to look that fit and yet to maintain such breast size. I guess some questions are simply not meant to be answered.

Fit girl with huge boobs and visible sideboob

She is very fit and those tits are unbelievably big

This encounter definitely flew by too quickly. I wish I could have watched and peeped and marveled on her insane tits for a little bit longer but she was only doing a quick groceries shopping it seems. Still, she is the kind of a woman that I’ll recognize anywhere and at any place, and I’ll certainly be more prepared for some serious peeping next time. You’re going to see a lot more busty girls in the future, all over

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