Spying on wife having sex with lover in bathroom

My best friend knows I have my methods of spying on women so he asked for my help. He suspects that his wife is cheating on him while he is away from home and that is why he came to me. He literally asked me to put several hidden cameras in his house to see if anything suspicious is going on. His wish is my command and we did it together while his wife is at work. We also hardwired the bathroom and you’ll see how that led to a discovery of his wife having an affair. We caught her having sex with an unfamiliar guy.

Spying on wife in bathroom with a lover

Lover’s head is already visible in the bathroom

We were watching the video together the next day, after he spent the night at my place and told the wife he is on a business trip. It didn’t take long for things to start happening over at his house. His wife had a guest that he never met and it soon became clear that they are intimate for a long time. Hidden camera shows how the guest followed his wife in the bathroom and they immediately got naked and ready for a shower, and much more.

Wife's lover gets naked and enters the shower with her

He gets naked and follows her in bathtub

While still watching the hidden camera video, we already discussed and agreed that we need to show and expose his cheating wife. Everyone needs to know her for what she is and we decided to send the video to the most known sex voyeur online page. Once it gets published, everyone will see his wife is a cheating whore that fucks other men whenever her husband is out and about.

Cheating lovers fuck behind the shower curtain

Sex behind the shower curtain with both of them inside

I used the same home spying methods on girls that I always use, and everything was fully visible, except the things behind the shower curtain. However, you don’t need to be too smart to realize what these two naked cheaters are doing behind the curtain. They are fucking each other to oblivion and back and following events will also prove it. They were barely able to step out of the shower because they were touching and feeling each other in such a hardcore way I can’t even put into words. You really have to watch the this sex spying video to see it for yourself.

Wife kissing her lover after he fucked her in bathroom

Like she is thanking him for fucking her good in the bathtub

They obviously had very good sex under the shower and he obviously satisfied her very nicely. She was kissing him like crazy when they stepped out and the passion between them was very visible. I felt sorry that my friend has to watch his wife cheat on him in high definition video quality, but such is life, and such is voyeurism. I kind of suspect the cuck side of him got a bit horny from seeing it all so I’ll have to have a serious conversation about it with him, but some other day.

Naked wife kissing her lover after sex in bathroom

Seems like she is still horny

He is already thinking about filing papers for divorce after seeing her fuck the stranger in their own house and I fully support him in that decision. He even thanked me for helping him and using my equipment to finally solve and find out if his wife is indeed cheating on him. We sure got to the bottom of that and now he can continue with his life.

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