Peeping on soapy ass of friend’s sister

I’m in friend’s house, chilling and relaxing, and I needed to go to the toilet. On my way there, I heard music coming from the bathroom across the hall, and it got me curious. There was no way I’ll be considered a voyeur if I take a peek, and after all, I can always say I went through the wrong door. Once in the bathroom, I heard his sister singing in the shower and that is how I decided to take a peek on her body.

Voyeur peeps on gorgeous naked girl in shower

I knew I’m in for a true voyeuristic treat

I know his young sister is a hottie and I’ve wanted to see her naked for a long time. I use my phone to take a peek above the shower curtain and she was so busy with washing her hair that she didn’t even realize it. I must tell you, I’m shocked on how gorgeous and amazing her butt looks when soap drips down and falls into her ass crack. Her ass is perfect and those little tattoos make me want her even more. I lingered on for a while with my phone in the air and I made a very nice video of her.

Peeping on naked girl with gorgeous ass in shower

Friend’s sister truly got an amazing ass with hot tan lines

I figure, if I could setup a hidden camera in the bathroom to spy on people fucking, I can easily do a ninja style voyeur move to check out this young beauty while she listens to music in the bathroom. I was more than right, and she never realized that my phone camera popped above the shower curtain to check her out. You’re going to be in awe when you see the beauty of her young butt and you’ll want to jump in the shower with her to fuck her like a maniac. Well, desires are one thing and reality is other, so since I’m not a maniac, I satisfied myself with seeing her naked for the first time ever.

Soapy young ass peeped in shower by a voyeur

Soap is dripping down into her ass crack

Friend never knew I peeped his sister on my trip to the toilet and I return to the living room like everything is fully normal. I’m going to be fantasizing about fucking his sister for many days now, and you’ll probably do the same. Her beauty is irresistible and watching her in the shower, all wet and naked, is a fantasy for every voyeur.

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