Friend wanted an opinion of his new girlfriend

I have a juicy deal with all of my friends and we always show off our one night stands and even girlfriends for that matter. Usually it is a full blown sex video that we check out over some beers but this was a special case. You see, one of my best friends hooked up with this girl and they begun dating, officially. However, he didn’t want to break the habit of showing off what he scores and fucks, and he also wanted my feedback on her looks. I’m well known for my high standards so I needed nude pics or at least as close to it as possible.

Friend’s half naked new girlfriend

He couldn’t make a sex video or photograph her naked because it is kinda silly to try that in first days of the relationship. Still, he managed to peep on her right after sex, while she was walking around his room in nothing but her undies. I see that she isn’t exactly all that too fit but after checking out some more candid pics of her butt, I gave him my verdict.

Friend's half naked girlfriend

First half naked pic is from the side

Verdict on friend’s new girlfriend

Before I tell you what I told him, I want you to look at two more candid pictures that he sent me. You’ll need to check them out before you can say that you agree or disagree with my verdict on hotness level of his brand new girlfriend. She is even bending over in one of the new photos so it’s much easier to say how her butt looks than from the first, side photo of her entire body.

Friend's new girlfriend bends over

Bent over view of her is pretty decent

The fact she isn’t wearing a thong but ordinary panties on first few days of the relationship as well as on the first sleepover, is worrying, to say the least. However, her bubble butt can handle such panties because they end up in her ass crack to a degree, so lets say that is not a big problem.

Secondly, I’d say her ass can handle anal sex pretty nicely, so that is another big plus in my book. However, it also depends if she’ll give out her ass right away or she considers it a special thing like some girls, and only available for long term dating, further into the relationship. Time will tell, but I’d try sticking it up her pooper on third fuck date or so. Would be a game changer if she doesn’t let me do it.

Nice round ass of friend's new girlfriend

Decent size of her ass, could work if waist is smaller

All things combined, I give them a few months of relationship, at best. Not because she isn’t good looking but because my friend is (like me) on a constant prowl for hot girls and he isn’t ready to settle down, not by a long shot. I gave him all my feedback and complimented her ass but I also said she should get a gym membership, urgently. That ass could look even better if she manages to reduce her waist a little bit. Then we’d be talking a whole different story about how long they would last together.

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