Friend sent candid pics of his wife’s big butt

Let me first tell you, I tease this friend all the time about his wife being fat and all that. I once even said he should rub it in her face and ask for divorce because of it. Yeah, I went there. He sent me these two candid photos of his own wife in an effort to counter tease me, so to say. He snapped these two pics while she was fixing a bath, fully bent over, with her big ass perked up like she wants to get something in there. I’ll return to that thought as soon as I show you the pics.

Friend’s wife got a big butt when she bends over

Here are the candid photos of his wife and you’ll certainly notice she is a bit overweight and that her butt is pretty darn big. Still, despite the fact it’s a big ass, it sure looks tempting enough when she is on all fours, fully exposed like that. I’ll never admit that to him but my boner was moving, I felt it. You’ll probably feel it too.

Take a look at his wife's big bent over butt

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Seriously, all I can think about while watching these two photos of his wife is how I’d ram it hard up her big ass and anally fuck her senseless (like he probably never did in their married life). You’ll even see through her shorts and panties that her anus is opening up in that pose, like she knows what I’d do to her if given the chance. It would kinda be unfair to my friend if I seduce his wife but hey, with these candid photos that he sent me, it is like he is asking for it, in a way.

Like I said, I’ll never admit this to him but the fatness of his wife sure got a certain charm to it. With size of her ass cheeks, I bet she handles anal sex really well, and I don’t think I’ll ever be able to look at her in the eyes without pondering on how her butt would feel with my fat dick implanted inside of it.

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