Compliment for very tight ass

I strongly believe that good things need to be encouraged and complimented upon, and as always I like to lead by example. Considering I never let a fine ass walk in front of me and feel neglected, I take immediate and mandatory action to give a compliment, if not even more than that. To make myself more clear, I’ll give a valid example of how I do it and how important it is that all of you, dear readers and fans of tight asses, do the same.

How to give a compliment to a fine tight ass in shorts

This happened couple of days ago, over at my place. I was hanging out with this girl that is my fuck buddy for a long time now, and at one moment, she went into the kitchen to fix us up a snack. She was parading her ass in tight shorts and I couldn’t sit idle and let that tantalizing butt remain without the proper reward for looking so nice, tight and round in such small piece of clothing.

Check out how I give girl a compliment on her fine ass

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Yes, that is right. Imagine saying: “You have an amazing ass and I want to fuck you all night long”. That is a long thing to say and it’s meaningless if said without action. That is where this awesome kind of gesticulation comes in and substitutes all those clumsy words. You just reach forward and squeeze her ass cheek for as hard as you can. Trust me, such a thing is more potent than even “I love you” or whatever candy words you think sound good.

Disclaimer: My method of complimenting woman just might not be appreciated by feminists and such righteous kinds of girls. You can try if you dare (do tell me about it if you ever do such a thing, please).

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