Showing drunk girl’s nipple to everyone

This hottie is a friend’s friend and we were all drinking together this night. She kind of considers me a bit crazy but I’m pretty sure she got some hidden crush on me as well. I saw she is in a good mood, slightly drunk, and she was talking all the freaking time, like without taking a breathing pause at all. So anyway, I pretended to be snapping a photo of her cleavage. She noticed it but she just rolled her eyes, like “here he goes again” kind of thing. Well, I got bolder and I pulled her bra and shirt and the rest is history, you can see it below.

What happens when I pull her shirt and bra?

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She screamed when I pulled her bra and pretended like she is angry but I saw a small wicked smile on the corner of her lips. Everyone was hysterically laughing when they saw her naked nipple and I’m pretty sure the guys were drooling a bit. I’d even say that female friends were a bit jealous because she is the center of attention and of course, because her tits and nipples are so beautiful.

Did she get angry for putting her nipple on display?

Nope, she didn’t get angry. Of course, for the sake of her dignity, she had to have an angry reaction but all of the body language was saying that she is pretty happy that I gave her such an ego boost. Not only that but we had the best night ever in the clubs and she was constantly near me, like, accidentally. I’m going to be licking that nipple and fucking her in no time.

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