Getting a drunk girl naked in my bed

We were about to have sex, at least that was the original plan while we were dancing and drinking in the club. Time was flying, she was rubbing her ass against my crotch in the middle of the club, and she was also getting more and more drunk in the process. Deep down inside, I knew where this was leading to. I was just hoping that she will not get totally wasted and that sex will happen after all. I was wrong about it but it was still silly and funny to have her like this.

Undressing a drunk girl in my bed

Once we finally exited the club, she was blabbering and tripping over, so I helped her walk back to my place. From the moment we entered, she took a few steps forward and she pretty much collapsed on my bed. I was more than sure that sex is out of the question now, but still, I wanted to have at least a bit of fun and at very least to see her fully naked, finally. Her butt was twerking on my crotch for so long that I deserved at least that.

Wanna see how she looks when I undress her?

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Honestly, I liked her thick thighs and lovely hairy pussy. Seems like she shaves just around the bikini area and lets the hairy patch grow in the middle. Will be awesome to fuck that phat pussy once she sobers up and realizes that I’ve been a good boy that just helped her get comfortable enough to sleep. I’ll also drop a water bottle next to her for during the night. I don’t really care much about her hydration, I just want to appear as a good guy once she gets up. Bonus points and all that. She’ll be on my dick like crazy after all that.

I could do a prank if I owned a dildo

Some time ago, I wanted to buy a dildo for one of my fuck friends that was really into double penetration stuff. I was thinking on getting one from here. I somehow forgot to do it and now I regret it. You’re wondering why? Imagine how funny it would be if I was to stick a dildo up her pussy and just leave it there. She’d lose her mind if she was to wake up with a hangover, only to realize there is a dildo inside her pussy. Who knows, her drunk dreams might even be more awesome along the way.

Seriously, wouldn’t it be funny?

Like, even if you don’t appreciate my way of joking, I know you believe it would be funny as fuck. Come on, admit it to yourself, you’re laughing now.

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