Drunk girls kiss during the concert

If I had to pick a thing I especially like, it would be drunk teen girls in concerts. Drunk from booze, horny from boys and frisky by nature, they all love to be the center of attention and they will go to extreme lengths to make that happen. These two that I photographed were all that and then some. They are from the same group of mixed teens, boys and girls, and they were all drunk enough to be more than naughty. I think that boys had their fingers in making it all happen.

Drunk teens talked into flashing boobs during concert

It started of as usual, with teen girls wanting to be lifted on shoulders so they can see the stage and performers better. They kept drinking beer even while the boys carried them and then they started to tease and talk them into lifting their shirts and pleasing the crowd with their hot young tits. Kinda funny because none of these two girls has much to brag about in boobs area but they still flashed them like never before. First girl had very small tits but very nice big nipples. Her nips even looked hard from my point of view.

Teen girl flashes small tits and hard nipples on a concert

Delicious small tits and hard nipples

Didn’t take long for second girl to flash her slightly bigger boobs as well. After all, when he friend did it, why wouldn’t she do the same? She was laughing wildly as soon as her tits were in full view and when guys started cheering and rooting about how nice they look. I kind of think they both felt like queens in this very moment. Who can blame them, they are silly and young, they’ll learn better some day, or not.

Teen girl flashes tits in concert crowd

These two boobs are slightly bigger

Boys around them kept cheering and rooting but they also chanted for a kiss. Both of the girls smiled at each other and I was already setting my camera to see it, because I sensed it will happen any moment now.

Teen girls kissed while being carried on shoulders during concert

Mind you, this was not an ordinary kiss. These two hotties were slobbering on each other with a real french kiss that involves tongue and suckling on the lips of each other. It was a pleasure to watch and it kind of looked like they need a room to proceed. I snapped a few photos of this merry event and it was arousing as fuck to watch them in action. They are both so freakishly cute that there is no boy in the crowd that wouldn’t join them if given a chance. I know I would, without hesitation.

Teen girls kissing while being carried on shoulders

Hello there, can I join?

Funnily enough, their boyfriends or just friends, whatever, where smiling as well. They seemed really happy that they are the ones that have the wildest girlfriends in such a big crowd. I honestly wouldn’t be surprised to hear that they ended up having a four way sex later that day. Don’t know about the boys but the girls were sure as fuck up for it.

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