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Caught my roommate masturbating in shower

I’m getting to really enjoy what I’m able to spy on with cleverly placed hidden cameras and this time, my hot female roommate is the one I caught. I never expected to see her masturbating while in the shower but she indeed does it, in her own special way, with a dildo that she sticks

Spying her masturbate with a big dildo

My hidden camera is finally in her room and I caught a lot of masturbation like every voyeur should. Thing is, I knew she is a horny kind of girl, hence the effort of hiding the camera in her room and it was only a matter of time when I'll catch her having fun

Peeping on soapy ass of friend’s sister

I’m in friend’s house, chilling and relaxing, and I needed to go to the toilet. On my way there, I heard music coming from the bathroom across the hall, and it got me curious. There was no way I’ll be considered a voyeur if I take a peek, and after all, I can always say

Peeping on shaved pussy and hairy ass crack under sheets

We had sex earlier and she totally didn’t want me to photograph her in any way during the act, but you know me, I’ll get my look with or without her knowing it. I waited for her to snuggle under the bed sheets and when she was fully relaxed, I took a peep. These bed

Spying on wife having sex with lover in bathroom

My best friend knows I have my methods of spying on women so he asked for my help. He suspects that his wife is cheating on him while he is away from home and that is why he came to me. He literally asked me to put several hidden cameras in his house to see

Peeping on new fuck buddy and her pussy

I love it when I have a new fuck buddy, especially when it’s in the form of a cutie pie like this one, small, petite and subtle. However, downside of it is that new fuck buddy girls are often shy and don’t trust me enough to let me film and photograph them for as much

Friend sent candid pics of his wife’s big butt

Let me first tell you, I tease this friend all the time about his wife being fat and all that. I once even said he should rub it in her face and ask for divorce because of it. Yeah, I went there. He sent me these two candid photos of his own wife in an

Friend wanted an opinion of his new girlfriend

I have a juicy deal with all of my friends and we always show off our one night stands and even girlfriends for that matter. Usually it is a full blown sex video that we check out over some beers but this was a special case. You see, one of my best friends hooked up