Sexy girl in angel costume saw me

Considering how much naked skin her costume she is showing, perhaps a sexy devil would be more appropriate. Still, I’m not complaining about her choice for this party masquerade. That being said, I adored her ass in that angelic lace thong that was a part of her costume outfit. She is skinny like a model yet she got a fascinating bubble butt that pokes behind like a nice junk in the trunk. She was talking with her friends when I initially spotted her and she had no clue that I was peeping her majestic half naked body. That changed very soon.

Amazing party girl in sexy angel costume

I guess my camera flash was too noticeable so she spotted me and turned around. It felt kind of silly that she looked at me like I broke some kind of law or something, considering it was obviously her attention to be seen and to be lusted about. Check out her reaction when I snapped my peeping pics of her.

How a sexy angel reacts when someone stares?

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So to say, she gave me the eye. I wanted to give her something too but I guessed she might get angry if I was to gesticulate about my boner and point at it in the crowd, so I let it slide. One thing is certain though, she is a tempered little angel, unlike others. I was considering if I should approach her and try my luck but for since I didn’t like the way she reacted to my artistic (yeah, right) photographing, I didn’t want to. It would probably end up in an argument. I don’t want to argue with an angel because I want to reach heaven some day.

Want went through her head when she saw me looking?

I’d say she knew I wasn’t snapping photos of her in general but of her lovely ass and that got her triggered to be mad about it. Seems like she only wanted to be photographed as a whole, not only the most emphasized body part. Maybe I should have approached her, just to have a detailed argument about objectifying women and all that. Still, to conclude this event, I’d just like to say I would be really careful when I fuck her. After all, I wouldn’t want to break her angelic wings.

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