I like this tiny butt at the beach

When something is so tiny yet perfectly shaped, it immediately provokes my interest. That is what happens with this smiling beauty that you’ll see splashing around in the water with her teen friends. I was hooked like a shark on a thin line with a nice bait, or at least I felt like such. She kind of didn’t even notice my half naked torso on the beach and that is perhaps what got me even more hooked, the fact she kind of failed to notice I’m so hot and that I’m eye fucking her like no one ever did. Ah well, I decided I want try to introduce myself because of all the friends she was with, but that doesn’t mean I will not snap some beach voyeur pics, right?

Smiling darling plays around in the water

It is impossible to notice her pretty smile and fit body while she is running around in the shallow water. You’re going to like what you see from the front because nowadays, such pure young happiness and sexiness is a rare combination in a singular persona. I had to catch a real good photo of her warm smile and I think I did it. Needless to say, I was immediately imagining her warm lips on my dick, right there on the beach, but I’ll leave that out for now.

Smiling girl walks out of the sea

I’d like to stick something inside her smiling mouth

I was also thinking how tiny and petite she is, that sex in the water would be much simpler and insanely pleasurable. She was there with some girls and boys on the beach and I bet every boy was pretty much thinking the same stuff as I was, about fucking her right there in the water.

Incredible little ass with tan lines around bikini

When she turned around, that was it, my boner was directly pointing upward from my swimming trunks. Her wonderful young ass was heavenly round and that white bikini was giving her ass crack a huge wedgie, like it will split her in half (same thing I wanted to do). Her little butt was pure fantasy, really. She was walking, running, swimming and that firm ass never once changed shape. Her butt cheeks are utterly hard as rock, and you can only imagine feeling her up and holding her ass while fucking her hard.

Tight young girl in white bikini at beach

So petite with such firm butt cheeks

I would get up to come closer and snap some more photos of her but my boner was very visible so I couldn’t. I decided it is best if I could just rely on my camera zoom and so I restrained myself from walking around and stalking her around the beach. Trust me, it was for the better.

Closer look at young ass with tan lines

I managed to pull of a full zoomed in photo of this delicate young ass and you’ll get to see what it’s all about, in full detail. Her small yet firm ass cheeks are so nicely round like I’m watching two delicious peaches. You can even see she got a slight tan line across her butt cheeks and it probably means that when she is on the beach with the family, she wears much more conservative swim suits and bikinis. Now, with friends, she wanted to openly flash the perfection of her sweet ass. Can’t say I blame her, she looks adorable in every way, from the smile and white teeth, to her petite body and perfect ass.

Hot young ass with tan lines around bikini

I like these peaches with tan lines

After peeping this young girl for so long, I pretty much counted all her birthmarks and memorized her entire body. I could easily close my eyes and daydream about fucking her. Now that I recollect, it is exactly what I was doing for the remainder of my beach day. I even continued doing it at home, simply because she left that much of an impact on me and my boner, both of us.

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