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I’m in friend’s house, chilling and relaxing, and I needed to go to the toilet. On my way there, I heard music coming from the bathroom across the hall, and it got me curious. There was no way I’ll be considered a voyeur if

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I know some would say it is wrong but I can’t help myself and I always enjoy a nice lengthy peep on my cute niece. We’re not directly related so I don’t care. I want to eat her up whenever I see her but

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I accidentally received mail intended for my neighbors so I popped at their apartment to deliver it, and to have a cup of coffee along the way. Just so happens, their young daughter was sleeping in the living room at the time when I

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This hottie is a friend’s friend and we were all drinking together this night. She kind of considers me a bit crazy but I’m pretty sure she got some hidden crush on me as well. I saw she is in a good mood, slightly